How To Wash a Beanie Hat by Hand in The Winter Months?

Your favorite beanie hat is now dirty! It has been a loyal companion through winter sports. The beanie hat has protected you from snow, hail, and dirt. Unfortunately, it smells of sweat and oil. Here is how to wash a beanie by hand to make it look brand new again. You will leave for the next game looking your very best!

How to wash a beanie?

  1. Firstly, fill a sink with cold water. You can use a bucket as well. If the beanie is made with cashmere and wool, you can use room-temperature water.
  2. Secondly, add a laundry detergent with mild compounds. You must use a specific wool-based detergent if the beanie is made of wool. You can use an estimated one teaspoon of detergent to a gallon of water.
  3. Mix the water and soap to create a gentle solution. You can use a hand or an object if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Now, dump the beanie into the soapy water. Use gentle hand motions to submerge the accessory.
  5. Swirl the beanie hat in the bucket or the sink. Squeeze the detergent out of it. Repeat the process if it is too dirty. Let the beanie rest for five minutes.
  6. Drain the soapy water.
  7. In the next step, fill the sink or bucket with cold water. It must be clean for rinsing.
  8. Rinse the beanie hat in cold water. Gently swear it so the threads do not break.
  9. You can remove the water by pressing the beanie hat. Apply pressure by placing it on the side of the water. Keep squeezing until the beanie is dry.
  10. Repeat the steps of adding clean water until it runs clear.
  11. Place the beanie hat in a dry towel.
  12. Roll the beanie into the towel and apply pressure. The towel or rag will absorb the water.
  13. Let the beanie dry in the open air. You can give the hat its original shape after it dries.
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Things to Avoid while washing a beanie hat

  1. Do not rub the beanie against itself. The wool, cashmere, or the material will pile.
  2. You must not rinse the beanie hat under running water. The intense pressure of the tap water will ruin the hat’s shape.
  3. Do not stretch the beanie. Refrain from twisting it.
  4. Do not fill the sink or the bucket with warm or hot water. The increasing temperature will shrink the beanie hat. The colors might bleed as well.
  5. Do not throw the beanie into the dryer. It will shrink and ruin the color as well.
  6. Furthermore, refrain from placing the hat in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the color fades.
  7. Do not apply the detergent directly to the beanie hat. Mix it into the water.

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