How To Take Care of Wool Gloves in The Winter?

One of the most inconveniences of winter is washing gloves. While moisturizing your hands is advised, you need to keep your hands away from the cold weather. Gloves are ideal. However, washing a pair of gloves is trickier than you may expect. Here are some washing secrets to practice this winter:

Do not wash in the machine

When it comes to washing wool gloves, you stay away from the machine. The cycle and washing pattern can harm the wool. Unfortunately, the wool will shrink, and you will need a new pair of gloves. The wool fibers are extremely thin which harms the fabric composition.

If you want to wash the gloves made of fool urgently, you can rinse them in the basin with a gentle soap solution. Handwash the gloves and rinse the pair with room temperature water a few times.

Dry the gloves inside

After you have washed the gloves, the first instinct is to put them in sunlight so they dry quickly. It is never a good idea to leave wool gloves in open air. You can hang them indoors near a window or under the fan. However, never place them outside of the window.

Another idea is to leave the gloves on a flat surface overnight. You can leave the fan on if you are sleeping in another room. Drying the gloves in the sun will fade the material. The wool becomes stiff.

How to wash routine gloves?

Washing the wool gloves is not always preferred. If the gloves are fairly clean, you can soak them in room-temperature water for half an hour. After soaking, ensure there is no unpleasant odor. You can squeeze out the water. However, do not be too harsh, as that can make the gloves less durable. You may hurt the fabric as well.

If you wear gloves every day, then this trick is for you. After coming home from work or exercising, you can rinse the wool gloves in cold water. The water does not need to be icy cold with a freezing temperature. Wash the gloves under a running tab.

Classic Wool Gloves

Use room temperature water

Everyday gloves do not need to be soaked in soap solutions. The strategy will get rid of the sweat inside of the gloves. You can wash out the dirt as well. After air drying inside the house, you will notice the gloves are extremely fresh. As always, do not use hot or warm water as it shrinks the gloves.

Wash the inside of the gloves first.

Before you wash the loves, you can flip them inside out. Clean the inside portion first. Soak the gloves for ten to 15 minutes. Flip the wool gloves again and soak for 10 minutes. You must use room temperature or cold water.

After washing and drying the gloves, you can store them in your closet in an airtight bag. Placing the gloves inside a woolen sweater or blank works excellent. The tip will maintain the fabric quality so the wool gloves last a very long time. 

The Bottom Line

Taking care of wool gloves is fairly easy when you know what to do. Remember to soak the pair before washing them under running water. Do not use harsh detergents or warm water. For more information on fashion and clothes, visit the INRSWORLD website.

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