Celebrate Sustainability with Merino Wool Gloves

Merino wool gloves have been part of the fashion club for a few years. They are stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly. The wool will keep you warm in winter. However, there are more benefits to the purchase as well. Here are a few reasons to buy gloves weaved with sheep Merino.

Sustainable and comfy

Merino wool gloves are popular because they are environmentally friendly. The wool is created from sheep fleece, which is found in Oceanic countries such as New Zealand and Australia. The products such as gloves, sweaters, and other articles of clothing are manufactured with sustainable practices.

Merino wool is not like synthetic materials. It is biodegradable. The sheep will grow their fleece again for the next season, which is sheared. The merino farming also promotes healthy pastures and organic soil.

Merino wool gloves are a must-have because they are very comfortable. They are extremely soft on the hands, which means they are perfect for sensitive-skin individuals. You can wear gloves if you have skin disorders or eczema.


The Merino fibers are more refined and thinner than conventional wool. Therefore, they do not carry extra weight. You can layer the gloves in extreme weather without compromising your style. The gloves go along with every outfit perfectly.

Merino wool gloves are able to regulate body temperature. Your hands stay warm when it is cold. On the other end, the hands stay cool because the wool is warm. You can use them around the year even when the seasons are unpredictable in autumn and spring.

Regulates temperature

Your hands will stay at the right temperature when you wear them in the morning or on a cool spring evening. You can enjoy the feature because the wool has a unique composition. The wool does not let out air, which is essential for insulation. You are comfortable, regardless of the weather.

If you have worn traditional gloves, you will realize they do not let out moisture. Your hands become too cold and uncomfortable. However, the merino wool gloves will absorb sweat and moisture. You can wear the gloves whether you are skiing or going on a drive to the local market. The gloves are also excellent for a morning jog.

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Easy to maintain

Merino wool gloves are easier to take care of in addition to their versatility. The material is resistant to odors which means it will not leave a foul spend. Furthermore, dirt and dust are not attracted by the material. If you are an outside lover who likes staying active, you need the gloves.

You can easily wash the gloves in a machine. However, air drying is preferred. Wash the accessory in a gentle setting to maintain the quality of the material. You can rinse the gloves before washing to get rid of dirt and the smell of sweat.

Purchase Merino wool gloves today

Merino wool girls will make your winters more enjoyable. At the same time, you will look stylish as well. Merino is a versatile material that embodies luxury and sustainability. Purchasing gloves made with merino wool at INRSWORLD. You can sign up for the newsletter or follow social media pages for the newest collection.

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